Handyman Services Program

How our Handyman Services program works:

You simply contact us and provide a description of the work you would like to have performed.

We schedule a visit to your home (if needed) to evaluate the proposed work.

We provide you with a copy of our Service Agreement.

You review and sign the Service Agreement and return it to us.

We schedule an appointment with you to perform the work.


Handyman services are $75 per hour for the first two hours (two hour minimum) and $60 per hour thereafter.

Larger Handyman projects that require 8 or more hours are billed at $60 per hour.

Upon request, we will provide a non-binding estimate of the number of hours we expect the work to take.

Work performed by specialty trades under our direction will be billed at our cost plus 20%.

Materials may be furnished by the homeowner or we can furnish them at our cost, with our hourly rate charged for time spent gathering them.

Contact us for more information or to schedule an estimate.